Monday, June 6, 2011

Castles in Europe

Anyone travelling around Europe can easily identify that it is full of castles from different eras. Some are wonderfully preserved and others have not survived time as well as they would, if they were not bombed or abandoned by man. Nevertheless the variety in architecture is still evident to this day, making them an interesting and unique site to see each time.
Some European castles are depicted here:

Bran Castle, Romania

Lincoln Castle, England

Coca Castle, Spain

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Bojnice Castle, Slovakia

Windsor Castle, England

Kyrenia Castle, Cyprus

Rhodes Castle, Greece

Palamidi Castle, Greece


  1. Palamidi Castle in my birth place Nafplio has 999 steps. Those who can manage to get up there they enjoy a beautiful view...

  2. I've been up and down the 999 steps. It was a very fun experience!

  3. Α! δεν έχω πόδια για 999 σκαλιά.

    Ανεβηκα με το λεωφορείο.

  4. Μην σας φοβίζει το νούμερο..ούτε που το καταλάβαμε πως ανεβήκαμε!