Sunday, June 19, 2011

Statues in La Rambla Street, Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona last year, I was astonished at the site of numerous live statues at the main landmark street La Rambla. It is aproximately 1.3 km long, in the middles is a pedestrian zone, which ends at the Christopher Columbus monument at Port Vell, Barcelona's port.

Walking down this main street anyone can see various performers posing as human statues. These street statues can get pretty imaginative, ranging from celebrities, mythical, historical characters and also imaginary figures. They stand on small boxes or platforms, wave or wink at the pedestrians (mainly tourists) and put up a small show for a tip. So if anyone visits La Rambla have a lot of change in order to give them something for their effort!


  1. Amazing pics, haha, it looks so funny! I am going to Barcelona next week. Cant wait to see all the statues at La Rambla. I have rented an apartment just 2 minutes away from there, through Barcelona-Home, so I will have a lot of oportunities to see them :) Thanks, and take care! Jenny

  2. Thank you Jenny! Barcelona is a great city I am sure you will love it!