Thursday, June 30, 2011

Travelling to the centre of the earth

Jules Verne's story will soon be realised by a team of British and French scientists, who will try to travel as close to the earth's core as possible. Their goal is to conduct drilling for the first time towards the earth's core, specifically reaching the mantle layer. The scientists come from Southampton and Montpelier. 
The excavation of rocks from this region will greatly help the scientists understand the way with which our planet was created. The project is programmed to commence in 2018, at some point in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, where the external layer is thinner, making the process easier to achieve. The specimens found at the mantle layer will most probably contain most if not all of the rocks found on our planet. The results found from this research will help understand the Earth's past and seismic activities. 

Geologists in past eras tried to achieve this goal, of reaching the mantle, but with no luck. The main reason being that the technology used was not strong enough to withstand the enormous pressure and temperature, which was about 300 C. However any myth or false fact which has existed for decades will cease to exist, after and if this project is successful.

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