Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Camp Nou Stadium

Camp Nou Stadium has been FC Barcelona's stadium since 24th of September 1957, the date of it's inauguration. The stadium was constructed between 1955 and 1957, using mainly concrete and iron. The whole project cost 288 million pesetas, which inevitably meant that the football club would be in tremendous debt for the following years.

Although it was originally going to go under the official name of "Estadi Del FC Barcelona", it soon came to  be known as "Camp Nou", the "New Ground", as opposed to the club's old home at Les Corts. During the 2000/01 season the stadium was officially, after a vote, given the name "Camp Nou".  

It currently has a capacity of 99.354, making it the biggest football stadium in Europe. However numerous modifications have taken place, altering the number of spectators. When it first opened in 1957 it held 93.053. In 1982, on occasion of the FIFA World Cup the number increased to 120.000. Due to new regulations outlawing standing areas, the stadium's capacity was reduced to its current number. 

A lovely chapel is located in the grounds, near the players' changing rooms, giving them an opportunity to pray just before a match, contributing towards a positive psychology needed for the next 90 minutes. 

Also FC Barcelona's Museum is located next to the stadium, displaying countless trophies, football shirts, medals and memorabilia from previous seasons showing the victorious past and present of this great team. 

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