Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Clink Prison Museum

The Clink Prison Museum is built upon the original site of the Clink Prison, which dates back to 1444 making it one of England's oldest prisons. Clink Prison functioned as a prison from 1444-1780.

Owned by the Bishop of Winchester, The clink Prison was used to control the Southbank of London known as the "The Liberty of The Clink". This area housed much of London's entertainment establishments including four theatres, bull-baiting, bear-baiting, inns, and many other darker entertainments. 

The Clink Prison was only a small part of a vast complex on the Bankside that the Bishop owned called Winchester House. At one point in history Henry VIII planned to take control of the palace and use it as his own. Parts of the Great Hall still stand even today including the world famous Rose Arch Window preserved by English Heritage. The Clink Prison Museum has had links to the Gunpowder Plot and many other major historical events. 

Many visitors have claimed to have heard and seen a variety of strange happenings, from people walking through walls, dogs running through the museum and many more odd and unexplainable events. Fifty reports received by the museum refer to a lady sitting, playing with chains in one corner of the museum.

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