Thursday, November 3, 2011

Return and Renewal: Themes in 20th century Orthodox Theology

Yesterday Reverend Dr Charles Miller gave a talk at Heythrop College, University of London, on the: "Return and Renewal: Themes in 20th century Orthodox Theology". Dr Miller analysed 3 paradigms from the Orthodox world, which have produced the most significant theologians of the last century, i.e. Greece, Russia and Romania, talking about Fr. George Florovsky, Bulgakov, Nicolas Lossky, Yannaras, Christos Androutsos and Staniloae.

Orthodoxy in the previous century rediscovered its authentic voice. However the speaker expressed the view that maybe we should not be talking of an "Orthodox Theology", due to the fact that we have numerous national churches, with social-cultural differences. Orthodoxy achieved  its theological revival via the following 4 routes:
1. The Neo-Patristic Revival
2. Revival of Palamism
3. Revival of Trinitarian Theology
4.Eucharistic Ecclesiology
The theology of Maximus the Confessor has also played a great role within 20th century Orthodox Theology. Florovsky is mostly identified with the neo-patristic movement, being interested in the theology of history. Staniloae is considered a confessor of the faith, since he was imprisoned . He found that theology is not close to the people. 
Despite having different schools of thought within the Orthodox world a common line of theology is evident. The evolution of Orthodox Theology has been profound within the 20th century. 

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