Monday, March 5, 2012

Coffee facts!

Coffee, a drink which is hugely consumed on a daily basis by millions, if not billions of people. Here are some facts regarding this popular drink:
- Coffee has been used as a drink for more than 700 years. 
- Nearly seven tons of coffee is produced daily. 
- Coffee drinkers spend on average at least £120 each year for coffee. 
- Coffee trees have a life span of 65-70 years, being able to grow anywhere that isn't too cold.
- Arabica coffee is considered the best coffee, whilst 75% of coffee consumed worldwide is Arabica. 

- There are more than 55.000 coffee shops in the U.S.A.
- 30% of coffee is produced in Brazil. Columbia ranks second on this list. 
- The first coffee-house in Europe opened in Venice in 1683. This was a meeting place for people of the upper class. 
- It is believed that coffee was first used by the Arabs and because of this the Christians called it "Satan's drink", due to the fact that it was invented by Muslims as a substitute of wine, which the Muslims were not allowed to drink. 

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