Saturday, March 3, 2012

Haris Alexiou Street in Turkey

Seeing a video on YouTube I came across an interview of Haris Alexiou, a very famous Greek singer, who spoke about the fact that a street in Izmir, Turkey, had been named after her. This of course happened in 2010, however it is an important factor, emphasising the good relations between the two countries. The street, in Izmir's Gaziemir district, was the street where Alexiou's father was born, named "Harris Alexiou Friendship Street". 

Talking at the ceremony, Alexiou stated that she was delighted and honoured; "my grandfather, my father and my mother lived in these lands for years. We are from Izmir and I grew up with songs of Izmir. Today, I am here to renew the friendship between the two nations". Despite the countless historical differences between the two Aegean nations, there are times (like this one) where both can and try to come close in order for peace to prevail. Music and culture, in general, are a way of achieving a peaceful future in the region. The following videos are an example of how same songs can be sung in both Turkish and Greek. It is also important to stress that countless singers from both countries have worked together, by singing the same songs in both languages, highlighting the importance of music in daily life and even on a political level.  


  1. Oh my god, this music gives me goose bumps. I'd heard Sezen Aksu many years ago, but not the marvelous Greek woman. What a beautiful pair.

    My grandparents lived in Izmir in the Jewish section until 1912 when they came to New York.

    Caroline B. USA