Thursday, March 22, 2012

Palestinian Genocide!

Not many states and people support the Palestinian cause, outside the Arab nations. The great powers of the West, and the up-coming powers of the East, support the powerful and nuclear state of Israel. However, the pictures which will follow show that Israel and the West, despite the constant remembrance of their past (i.e. W.W.II) through Hollywood and any other means of propaganda they have obtained, they seem to have used that experience in order to achieve total governance in Israel, by extinguishing and eliminating any proof of a Palestinian existence in the Holy Lands. 
Lets leave aside any political and economic alliances, the pictures show how brutal man can be against his fellow man. Past genocides, including the Jews in World War II, or the Greeks and Armenians, early 20th century, or even the latest Genocide in Rwanda (1994), have not taught man to be more 'human'. On the contrary, it seems that we are becoming more like 'animals', despite any technological and other improvement and evolution that man has achieved. We can only hope for a quick resolution of the Palestinian issue, making these instances of brutality a thing of the past. 
The pictures on the left are from Germany (1940), whilst the pictures on the right are from Israel 2009. It is terrifying seeing the similarities between the two instances.  

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