Saturday, March 10, 2012

You know your from Athens when...

You know your from Athens when ...

-Afternoon becomes morning and evening becomes noon. 
-You eat dinner after 10 pm. 
- You eat breakfast before going to bed.
-When the traffic light turns orange, instead of pressing the brakes, you speed through.
-It takes you three hours to drink a cup of coffee.
-You are over clubbing by the age of 20.
-Pollution does not bother you.

-You can't stand cab drivers and their inappropriate attempts at conversation. 
-You neighbourhood has a street called El. Venizelou.
-You complain that 25 degrees is too cold for summer.
-Pavements are seen as parking spaces.
-You can't understand cities in other countries function without periptera.
-Tourists amuse you.
-You've never seen the changing of the guard at Syntagma, and still cannot understand why people find it so amusing. 
-The islands are literally a "hop" away. 
-You consider Athens the only true city in Greece.
-No one is actually from Athens, despite them hiding it.
-You consider the Interamerican Tower a skyscraper. 
-Strikes are national holidays.
-'No Smoking' signs mean nothing.
-Souvlaki arrives faster than an ambulance. 
-You spend a whole month's salary at the Bouzoukia in one night. 
-Everyone smokes Marlboro Light.
-Frappe is the first coffee you try.
-You can easily find yourself in a traffic jam at 6 am on a Sunday morning.
-You go to Kolonaki on a weekday and your friends from abroad ask "don't these people work??"
-You use your car to go to the bakery which is down the street from your house (a 2 minute walk).
-You clap when the pilot lands the plane at Athens International Airport (El. Venizelos).
-Despite all this, you wouldn't dream of living anywhere else.


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