Thursday, May 10, 2012

The most read books

This is an interesting post, especially due to the fact that everything in our modern epoch is digitalising, which inevitably will result in the extinction of books in the near future. However, the list here shows how some books, which have been translated in countless languages, have touched people from every background, culture, religion, era and country. Some books here have even interested readers for centuries. 

1. The Bible. This is a holy book for billions of Christians around the world for more than 2000 years. According to official records, during the last few centuries, 3.9 billion copies of the Bible have been sold. 
2. The Red Book. A Chinese Political Manifest, which has sold over 820 million books. 
3. Harry Potter. All seven books have sold more than 400 million copies; nevertheless, sales were boosted also due to popularity of the films. 
4. The Lord of the Rings. The trilogy has sold more than 103 million copies, worldwide. 
5. The Alchemist.  This book, written by Paolo Coelho, has sold more than 65 million copies, which beautifully depicts magical scenes. 
6. The Da Vinci Code. 57 millions copies of this book exist, which entail a disputed, for the Church, matter, bringing to life apocryphal and gnostic beliefs and traditions. 
7. Twilights - The Saga. This teenage story has moved many people, selling 43 million copies. 
8. Gone with the Wind. Despite most of us know the film, 33 million copies of the book exist worldwide. 
9. The Diary of Anne Frank. This moving story from W.W.II has sold 27 million copies. 

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