Tuesday, July 3, 2012

London and the Olympic Games

London will be the first city to have hosted the Olympic Games three times. In 1908 Rome was due to host the Games, however, after Mount Vesuvius erupted in 1906, Italian funds were diverted to rebuild Naples. That is when London stepped in with just two years to prepare. The purpose built White City stadium held 68.000 spectators, costing £60.000. Its stadium track was 3 laps to the mile, whilst in the centre there was a pool for swimming and diving, and platforms for wrestling and gymnastics. 

1948 was the second time London hosted the Games, being the first host nation after the Second World War, which inevitably brought a halt to the Olympics for 12 years. Known as the austerity Games due to post-war rationing and economic hardship, there were no new venues or athlete's accommodation. 
2012 Olympic Games have transformed the British capital, especially East London. The Olympic Park spans two million square metres. Intended as a legacy for east London, aims are that it will generate education, cultural development, jobs and training opportunities. It is one of the largest urban parks created in Europe for more than 150 years, with 2.000 trees and 300.000 wetland plants. 
The 2012 Olympic Games in numbers: 
-10.250 Olympic athletes and 4.000 Paralympic athletes.
-26 sports and more than 300 events.
-205 nations represented.
-9 venues inside the Olympic Park at a cost of £948 million. 

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