Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Obelisks in Rome and Vatican City

Rome still retains its imperial feel and one way of emphasising this is the fact that the Eternal City is full of  Obelisks. There are more obelisks in Rome than anywhere else in the World, 8 ancient Egyptian, 5 Roman and a number of modern ones. Ancient obelisks are made from a single piece of stone, whereas modern ones tend to be made from several stones and are often hollow. Despite the fact that the oldest known obelisk is Egyptian and the whole concept comes from this ancient civilisation, the word itself is of Greek origin, since it was Herodotus (the Father of History) who first described them. Due to the Christian Faith, many if not all the obelisks in the Italian capital have a cross on the top (as is evident in the pictures), in order to emphasise the victory of Christianity over an ancient pagan religion.  

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