Sunday, August 26, 2012

Alexander the Great, Thessaloniki

The bronze statue of Alexander the Great is located in front of the sea-front in Thessaloniki. The King of Macedonia is mounted on the rearing Bucephalus, overlooking the Thermaic Gulf, at the second largest city in Greece, which was founded by Cassander, one of Alexander's successors. 

Thriving from the 3rd century BC until the present, Thessaloniki is one of the great old cities in Europe. Macedonia, i.e. the Northern part of the modern Hellenic Republic, shows its ancient history through many statues, buildings etc.emphasising thus  the Greekness of one of the most famous and important figures in Greek history. Unfortunately, modern politics allow for other people to claim parts of Greek history and historical figures for themselves. We can only reply by saying that they should read a history book.

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