Friday, August 24, 2012

Corruption, a European Problem

Corruption is unfortunately a pan-European problem. No country is immune to it, having damaging effects for  both citizens and the society. Across Europe corruption is undermining confidence in national institutions, contributing to a sustained economic crisis. According to Cobus de Swardt, managing director of Transparency International, "fighting corruption needs to come from the top and that is where Europe fails the test". 

This, however, is currently emphasised due to the economic crisis which has hit Europe. Countless countries have had problems for years. Countries like Greece and Portugal are now in a dire position because existing laws to curb corruption are not enforced. On the contrary we can easily identify that the situation is getting worse, expanding to many countries within the Euro Zone. It is a fact that political and business corruption in Europe could further weaken vulnerable economies struggling to overcome the euro crisis. Nevertheless, this is not only a phenomenon within the European states; it is also evident in European Institutions, creating thus countless problems. 

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