Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The book that can't wait

The publishing house "Eterna Cadencia", based in Argentina, recently released a strange book, that cannot wait for long until the reader reaches the final page. To be precise, it can only wait for 60 days. "If people are not motivated to somehow read books by new writers, the writers will never make it on their own. We give them the opportunity to emerge from the shadows," says the manager of the publishing house. 

The book goes on the shelves in a special package and the moment it is opened the countdown commences. The special ink begins to evaporate slowly and within 60 days the only thing left is the cover and some blank pages. "In the same way we print several new book titles and authors and we already have a great impact in sales" says the manager. This idea, if successful, will result in its expansion.  

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