Monday, January 7, 2013

Saint George, Coptic Orthodox Church Centre, UK

The Cathedral of Saint George is part of the Coptic Orthodox Church Centre UK. It is harmoniously set alongside the beautiful built Victorian Shephalbury Manor. Saint George is one of the greatest intercessors amongst the Coptic faithful, as well as being the patron saint of England. While being the first Coptic Cathedral in this country, it is also the first purpose built Coptic place of worship in the U.K. and only the second throughout the whole of Europe.
Built in a characteristic cross shape and traditional Coptic style and decoration, the cathedral is complimented by modern functionality which will allow worshippers and visitors to enjoy a comfortable and uplifting spiritual experience.

The new building has distinctive Coptic elements such as a vaulted roof over the length of the structure, a traditional domed Coptic bell tower with Coptic design stationed over the church and crowned with a Coptic Cross. The interior of the cathedral is decorated with an iconostasis and intricate, hand carved woodwork which has all been designed and prepared by skilled craftsmen in Egypt. It frames beautiful specially commissioned traditional Coptic icons dedicated to the saints of the church, creating an atmosphere of holiness within the quiet and peaceful surroundings, giving thus the feeling of heaven on earth. 
A beautiful and modern feature is the fact that next to the church is a big hall, which is also a basketball and in general an athletics hall, giving therefore the opportunity to combine religion with athletics, bringing accordingly the youth closer to Christianity, closer to the Church. 

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