Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The New Cyprus Problem

The Cyprus Problem is a massive one, which has been in the forefront of the U.N. since 1974. However, it seems that a new issue has arisen, since the opening of the borders between the Greek and the Turkish side of the Mediterranean island. Currently many from the Greek side visit the Northern part of Cyprus in order to visit and gamble the local casinos or merely to have their holidays there. Airports in the North of the island are considered illegal; nevertheless, countless fly from it annually in order to visit Turkey, or other destinations, due to the cheap flights they find there.

It seems that many Cypriots have forgotten the invasion and the war between the Greek and the Turkish side and thus sponsor the Northern part of the island. The fact that they visit the casinos in the occupied side shows that the Turkish side will never leave, especially now that the Greek side spends so much money in its casinos, through the countless Greeks who travel to the occupied area. Many stories have occurred by this current situation. For instance, that one woman lost her restaurant by gambling; therefore someone from the casino goes everyday to the Greek side of Nicosia in order to receive payment.
The Republic of Cyprus needs to decide whether it wishes to continue the current economic and social relationship with the occupied and illegal government or whether it should change the political situation and the borders issue in order to maintain its views and beliefs on the matter that has been central to it since the invasion of 1974. 

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