Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many!

Reading this small phrase, sent to me as part of an email, it got me thinking of how countless people endeavour to remain young eternally. Plastic surgery has facilitated this naïve will for an eternal youth, forgetting to live, forgetting to embrace the beauties of life, which alter during the course of life. Mankind is mortal. That fact gives a certain beauty and fascination, where we could live and love in a unique way, not understood by the ancient Greek Gods, who wished to understand and feel the mortality, its dangers and its beauties. Nevertheless, mortality and eventually death, gives the opportunity to the human race to see an afterlife, a Kingdom of Heaven. The fear of death gives a chance to man to ask the ontological, for his existence, questions, i.e. who and what and where is God?

Life is a gift and all its stages show the beauty of life, of love, of continuation, of communion with another person and with God. This, however, is a privilege denied to many; to those who are poor, who live in the so called Third World, to those who have been unfortunate. This has been brought by the illness of man’s society, where we forget the Biblical teaching, of love thy neighbour. Many people not only do the opposite, but they justify their choices. Moreover, illness is the other great problematic factor that denied the continuation of life. This latter paradigm shows that it can be a result of our own doings. Man, with free will, has even defied his own Creator; therefore man’s choices have introduced death to his nature.
Growing older is a present given to us all. To some in a more plentiful manner, to others less; but we should always remember that this life is the platonic cave, the true life, the truth, the life is in the other life, in the Kingdom of Heaven, in communion with God. 

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