Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Greek Independence Day in London

Greek Independence Day is celebrated annually on the 25th of March by all the Greeks worldwide. London is no exception to this rule. Part of the celebrations was a talk, organised by the Peloponnesian Association of Great Britain, given at the Hellenic Centre, in central London. The president of the Association, Mrs. Konstantina Kolokitha, expressed the importance of this day, not only for Greece then, but also for the modern era. As she expressed, "our forefathers were truly great".  

This year the speaker was the Ambassador of Greece, Mr Konstantinos Mpikas, who spoke about the "25th of March 1821". The speaker gave a beautiful analysis of the theme of the day, explaining the global political scene of the epoch, pointing out a diplomatic analysis of the events.

The celebrations continued with a poem, read by a Cypriot actor, describing the hanging of Patriarch Gregory V, showing the general atmosphere of the Greek struggle. However, the night ended with a number of beautiful, traditional dances from the Peloponnese, whereby everyone was invited to dance. 

These talks are an annual tradition for the Peloponnesian Association of Great Britain, being an important part of the celebrations for the independence day of Greece in the British Capital. 

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