Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ecclesia - A New Blog

The Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Panteleimon and Saint Paraskevi, in Harrow (NW London), has started a new blog entitled Ecclesia. In its first post, the blogger describes the reason for the existence of this new blog, stating:

"Our previous Blog, called “Landmark”, served us very well, especially during the construction of our newly built Church, but it had a limited space for uploads, especially for photos and videos. Thus, at some point it started asking for money in order to increase the space that was offered to us.
Therefore we had to stop uploading any posts and we had various thoughts as to how we could continue this service. The idea of starting a brand new Blog came to mind and then we had to think of a new name.
We wrote down a few possible names, but we thought that the best one should be “Ecclesia”! All people know very well the meaning of Ecclesia (Church) and acknowledge her history and importance.
So, here we are!!!
We trust that our Holy God will bless our Ecclesia and our blog and will offer us His enlightenment and guidance in order to overcome any difficulties and to offer successfully this service for the spiritual information and improvement of His people".

Therefore we will now be able to be informed of the activities of this community in London and will be able to get wiser with the example this community has given towards the Orthodox Church in the UK, being able to built a new Byzantine Church, the first after more than 100 years of the previous one. So, Londinoupolis wishes this new blog good luck..!

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