Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What is Christianity?

Many today ask what Christianity is. Why does it differ from other aspects of life? It is seen as an alien organisation within a modern digital, capitalistic epoch which promotes ephemeral idols who promote no virtuous aspects of life.
So what is Christianity? There are many answers to this question; however a compact and simple answer is the one given by Dr. Andreas Andreopoulos in his book “This is My Beloved Son – The Transfiguration of Christ”, where he explains:

“…Christianity is not a philosophical system, a set of rules and laws, or an intellectual edifice that attempts to explain the world to us. It is instead a way of life, an insight that flows out of living experience, which includes things we see, touch, and understand, and also things that we do not comprehend even if we see and touch them. Christianity is at its most essential in the mystical sound of the heartbeat of the church, the breath of its saints, and the presence of the Bridegroom Christ just on the other side of our senses”[1].   

[1] Andreopoulos, Andreas, This is My Beloved Son – The Transfiguration of Christ, (Brewster, Massachusetts, Paraclete Press, 2012), p. xii

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