Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The Anglican and Eastern Churches Association is the oldest Anglican-Orthodox organisation which exists till this day. Its aim is: “To advance the Christian religion, particularly by teaching members of the Anglican and Orthodox Churches about each other, in order to prepare the way for an ultimate union between them, in accordance with our Lord’s prayer that ‘all may be one’. All its members are urged to work and pray constantly to this end”. This objective is achieved via many routes. However, an important way of communicating the good relations between the two ecclesiastical bodies is the AECA’s journal, entitled KOINONIA, which is the Greek word for communion.

The AECA has produced a journal for a century now, changing names and form. The current title is Koinonia. Many important and interesting articles are published in this journal, looking into Anglican-Orthodox relations and topics which relate to the Orthodox Church and the Anglican Communion. Book reviews are also part of it, giving a good list of new books on the relations. If anyone wishes to receive this interesting ecumenical journal please visit the AECA site, http://www.aeca.org.uk/, and by becoming a member you will receive the journal, published twice a year. 

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