Monday, July 15, 2013

Royal Mail First Day Cover - Butterflies

This dazzling First Day Cover has all ten Special Stamps affixed and is cancelled with a Lulworth Camp postmark, chosen as it is the home of the Butterfly Conservation charity. It also contains a beautifully illustrated filler card.

With distinctively ragged wings and white ‘commas’ beneath, it was once rare but now common.
Purple Emperor
The males of this elusive species have an electric purple sheen, which isn’t present in females.
Males have bright orange wing-tips and wander through the countryside in search of a mate
Marsh Fritillary
This attractive, chequered butterfly makes its home amidst damp meadows and flowery downland.
Chalkhill Blue
Groups of milky blue males can often be seen feeding from deep purple flowers in high summer.
Red Admiral
An immigrant from warmer climes, this dazzling butterfly is drawn to equally colourful flowers.
Small Copper
Males are surprisingly territorial, while females search for sorrel or dock on which to lay eggs.
One of the first butterflies of spring, its name is taken from the sulphur yellow of the male’s wings.
The UK’s largest species, it is most commonly found fluttering above reed beds and open water.
Marbled White
This sedentary butterfly is most commonly seen in high summer, soaking up the sun’s rays.

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