Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday…to work or not to work

Many modern states still keep the ‘tradition’ of Sunday where the shops are closed and people have therefore the opportunity to go to Church. However, most western countries have forgotten the sanctity of Sunday, by continuing the capitalistic habits even on a Sunday, in order to increase profits and sales. St. Kosmas the Aitolos, who was a spiritual guide to the Greek people during their independence struggle (19th century), spoke about this important theme, explaining:

“We also have to work during the 6 days for the futile, secular and false things, and on Sunday we have to go to Church…in order to contemplate our sins, death, hell, heaven, our souls which is the most honourable in all the world, and not to eat much, drink a lot and be sinful, not to work or discuss work during Sunday. The profit gained on Sunday is cursed and un-churchly, and you put fire and curse in your home rather than a blessing…Hence, my brethren, lest you suffer no evil, nor mental neither physical, I advise you to guard Sunday, which is dedicated to God”. 

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