Friday, July 12, 2013

The AECA’s Annual General Meeting

Yesterday, 11/07/13, the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association’s Annual General Meeting was held at the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Sava, West London. The evening began with Vespers in the Church, followed by the General Meeting.

Various topics were examined, including the journal Koinonia, the future pilgrimages (in the near future we will advertise it; however the next one will be in Britain, showing the Holy Lands of the British Isles), the Facebook and Twitter presence of the Association and future events were the Association is involved. Also the accounts were examined in order to point out the healthiness of the AECA’S finances.
The Chairman, Fr. William Taylor, explained how Anglican-Orthodox Relations have never been as important as they are today. There is a movement to inform more and more people of the Association’s existence and work. A popular way of achieving this goal is to distribute the journal to various libraries in universities, theological colleges and seminaries and a number of associations.

The Association is grateful to the Serbian Community for allowing it to hold the AGM within its premises and for the lovely and tasteful food which followed, allowing for further discussions and the formation of friendships between the Anglicans and the Orthodox. 

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