Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Church as the Embodiment of Divine Wisdom

There are countless definitions of what the Church is. Here Nicolas Zernov, who pioneered in the relations between the Orthodox Church and the Anglican Communion, gives an interesting exegesis of what the Church is:

“The Church is for Eastern Christians the embodiment of divine wisdom. She speaks to them through the inner voice of their conscience; she is their most intimate and personal friend, and yet she is also the power of divine grace given to the whole Universe through the life, death and resurrection of the Incarnate Word, and through the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Creation. The Church embraces everybody and everything, but it is only the humble, the loving and the pure of heart who can benefit by her gifts and make full use of her power for the final victory of good and evil”[1].

[1] Zernov, Nicolas, The Church of the Eastern Christians, (London, SPCK, 1946), p. 72

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