Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Holy Monastery of Ikosifinissa

The Holy Monastery of Ikosifinissa is situated on the way from Serres to Kavala at the borders of the prefecture, on the northern side of the tree-covered mountain of Pangaio, amidst magnificent scenery, at the altitude of 753m. 

A real place of rest, it attracts the believers to worship the "not handmade" icon of the Virgin Mary. It has a centuries old history, too, full of struggle and destruction. It has contributed greatly to the preservation of the unchangeable Greek soul from various invaders. Looted and destroyed many times, it was rebuilt in 1965. The 25 nuns of the monastery maintain an exemplary order, cleanness and offer hospitality.

Upon entering the monastery a marble plank reads: The Holy Monastery, Panagia the Ikosifinissa erected in 454. It was burned by the Bulgarians in 1943. It was restored under the auspices of Metropolitan of Drama, Dionysus, with the help by him and the pious Christians in 1970.

Walking around this magnificent monastery, the visitor is aw stricken by the fabulous icon paintings on the exterior wall, taken by features found in scripture and from monastic life. 

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