Friday, November 8, 2013

The person who introduced coffee to England

Coffee has been around for centuries. However, how did this hot beverage reach England? Reading an article written by Metropolitan Kallistos of DIokleia, I stumbled upon the answer to the above question. Bishop Kallistos explains:

“…Another Greek at Oxford from 1637 to 1648, Nathaniel Canopius, exercised an influence on our national life more decisive than any other Orthodox has so far done up to the present, for he is credited with introducing coffee-drinking into England…”[1]
Nathaniel Canopius was a Cretan scholar studying at Balliol College, Oxford. Coffee, which he introduced, became popular and soon a large number of coffee houses spread all around England. 

[1] Kallistos, Metropolitan of Diokleia, “Orthodoxy in Britain: its Origins and Future”, Sourozh, No 106, 2010, p. 18

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