Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Orthodox Chapel in Margate

Fr. Vissarion Kikliotis, parish priest at the Greek Orthodox Church of St Michael in Margate, has in the past few years founded a small chapel within the Vicarage of the Orthodox Church. This small chapel is dedicated to St Luke the Doctor, Archbishop of Symferoupoleos. It gives an opportunity for the faithful to come and pray and confess. 

This chapel, as Fr. Vissarion states, is his monastery, the first part of the history of the monastery he wishes to establish in the next couple of years, somewhere near London. This project is a Holy one, which will establish a second Orthodox Monastery near the British capital. We can only wish Fr. Vissarion the best of luck. When, hopefully, this project commences I am sure that the Orthodox faithful from Britain and abroad will help achieve this Holy objective.

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