Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anathemas, according to Fr. Sergius Bulgakov

The ideas expressed here by Fr. Bulgakov seem to be very modern, since today we wish to be in dialogue with different churches and people, seeing that we are living in a globalised, digital world full of social networks. Communication is currently easier than it was in the past; therefore the Church has deemed it possible and suitable to contact other groups in order to achieve the ultimate goal, i.e. unity. Here Fr. Sergius expresses his beliefs on anathemas. His ideas of intercommunion are also present here:

 “It is unfortunate for the Church that from the most ancient times it has acquired the method of stating dogma in the form of anathemas against those who think differently, whilst  a hasty anathema always represents an unnecessary further obstacle to discussion. The idea of a dogmatic agreement in necessariis for the purpose of Eucharistic union, which precedes complete dogmatic agreement instead of succeeding it, does not by any means imply dogmatic indifference. But in the question of dogmatics a certain hierarchy of order should be maintained, by virtue of which things should be put in their proper places…”[1]

[1] Bulgakov, Sergius, “Ways to Church Reunion”, Sobornost, No. 2 (New Series), June 1935, p. 12

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