Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Believe and do not inquire - πίστευε και μη ερεύνα

The Greeks have a saying πίστευε και μη ερεύνα (believe and do not inquire) claiming that the Church promotes the idea to its believers that they have to believe everything the Church or its representatives say, without inquiring, for themselves, their faith. However, this is a mistaken view; it is a phrase which the Church does not believe in or promote. In fact, the opposite is true, i.e. believe and inquire.We read in John's Gospel (5:39) 'Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me'.

If the Church truly believes that its people should not inquire and question their faith, then they would not publish the Bible, Patristic books, articles on Christianity and the Church, the priests would not preach, dialogue would be forbidden, Christian sources would be hidden and not publicly available (as they currently are). I believe that every Christian should question his faith. Through this questioning we are able to further research and find the truth through our own reading, through going to the Church and listening to the hymns, the Scriptures, through living a life in Christ. By questioning our faith we are able to find what we are looking for, confirming, thus, our faith. If we did not question what we believe in we would not have the patristic texts; the Fathers wished to explain Scripture and Tradition to the faithful; even Jesus Christ explained, through his parables, the mysteries of our faith. Therefore, let us question our faith and Church; by inquiring we can then confirm our faith and the truth of the Church by researching, by asking why this…why that… Only then will we be able to grasp God and live by His commandments.

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