Monday, January 20, 2014

Congratulating Ignorance

This is going to be one of my pessimistic and critical posts, trying to further understand the society within which we all live in. Being part of a globalised and digital world, we are all able to see what happens around the world, identifying different trends in thought, in tradition, in education, in technology, in endeavours. However, we are also able to detect the prevalence of ignorance within our society. The irony behind this ignorance is the fact that it is fashion and popular culture to be ignorant and ‘knoweldgeless’. We do not, unfortunately, congratulate knowledge, or strive to achieve it; those who do, exist in the periphery of society. Socrates claimed that ‘the only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance’. It seems that society today has achieved and promotes the opposite, in many respects. 

I come to these conclusions not through my university life, but observing daily life in a global metropolis, in London, where this is evident on a daily basis. Television also promotes the idea of ignorance. It is apparent that ignorant people not only prevail on television, but are encouraged to express their views on important issues, which they have no idea about. We can merely discard these people and not listen or watch them. However, the new generations see these people as an example, they have them as their role models, aspiring to be just like them…ignorant, ‘knowledgeless’. It is cool to not know. It is cool to belittle knowledge. Despite living in the epoch of information, we choose the wrong information, i.e. what the x celebrity did, who he slept with etc., leaving aside the important issues which exist in our world, such as poverty, wars – why did the x country invade the y country, morality, afterlife, the meaning of life, the true reasons of an economic crisis…
 I am not claiming that we should all be interested in politics, religion, philosophy, literature and so on. But we should all be able to distinguish who can or who cannot be a role model for ourselves and our children. Maybe we can put the ignorant people in the periphery of our society. We should all promote education and knowledge in order to have a better life, not only on an individual level, but on a catholic one, where the entire world will be able to move forward and deal with issues which hold back the true potential we all have.

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