Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oxbridge Philokalic Review, Issue 2

The new issue of the Oxbridge Philokalic Review is out. This issue is entitled “Faith and Religion: A Dangerous Coalition”. Here we are promoting this journal, which hosts significant papers and reviews, enriching the reader with new ideas and encouraging people to further deepen their knowledge of the Orthodox faith and tradition. In its Editorial, also found on the journal’s Facebook page, one reads the following:

“It is with great joy that we present you here with the second issue of an Oxbridge Philokalic Review that has greatly improved thanks to your encouragements and the success of its first issue.
This Christmas issue is dedicated to an important, often controversial but always enriching discussion about the respective importance, role and place of ‘Faith’ and ‘Religion’. In this context, we are very proud to present you with exclusive and substantial extracts from the latest translated work of the major and influential Greek theologian and philosopher Christos Yannaras. In his latest book, Against Religion: The Alienation of the Ecclesial Event (Holy cross Orthodox Press, 2013), the scholar draws attention to what he describes as a modern heresy: ‘the religionization of the ecclesial event’. He discusses how the real foundation laid by Christ, the Church (Ecclesia), has fallen into the ‘peculiar’ category of religion. What was not intended to be a worshipping religion (see Acts 14) converted slowly but steadily, throughout millennia, into a religion, which now is perceived as a World Religion. But, does this Status quo correspond to the Revelation of Christ? This is a question to which the contributors of our second issue attempt to respond.
Richard Swinburne, the British philosopher of Religion and Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, responds to Yannaras’s latest writings by positing the necessity of a rational faith. Dr Elena Vasilescu’s essay defines the terms of religion and faith from an Eastern and Western Christian theological perspective. Reverend Garegin Hambardzumyan provides a positive evaluation of the concept of religion, even when applied to Christian faith, as regards to the Armenian Church. Dimitris Salapatas also presents us with a detailed report of a significant conference that took place in Oxford, in September 2013, about the subject. Finally, Jonut Moise discusses in his review the book of the phenomenologist Professor Gavin Flood which conveys, amongst other ideas, a significant response to Yannaras’s critique of the Philokalia.
This second issue is an exciting, stimulating and thought-provoking review and an ideal reading - or even present! - for the coming months. If you are interested please email us back at Oxbridgephilokalicreview@gmail.com with a delivery address and we will send you a secure PayPal invoice by email to proceed with the payment. The cost for one review ordered online is £3.30 + delivery costs (UK: £1.20/ EU: £3.50/ US: £4.20). We can also arrange to handle one to you personally in Oxford or in Cambridge for £3 only.
The Oxbridge Philokalic Review is a not-for-profit review managed essentially by PhD students at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, your support is vital to us. Please continue to help us improving our review by sending us your comments, joining and sharing our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OxbridgePhilokalicReview.”

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