Saturday, January 18, 2014

Secularism, an Orthodox perspective

Secularism in our modern society is evident, due mainly to capitalism and its ‘new’ ways. However, many contest this way of life, maintaining a more Christian and Jesus like lifestyle. Metropolitan of Nafpaktos, in his book The Mind of the Orthodox Church, gives an Orthodox perspective on this massive issue, claiming that:

“Secularism is the loss of the real life of the Church, the alienation of the members of the Church from the genuine mind of the Church. Secularism is the rejection of the ecclesiastical ethos and the pervasion of our life by the so-called worldly mind.
It must be said emphatically that the greatest danger is the secularisation of the members of the Church. The Church has many “enemies”. But the worst and the most dangerous is secularism, which is consuming the marrow of the Church. To be sure, the Church is not in any real danger, since it is the blessed Body of Christ, but the danger is for the members of the Church”. (p. 187)

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