Saturday, January 4, 2014

Solomos Square

Solomos Square is the central square of the city of Zakynthos, on the Greek island of Zante. The square is named after one of the most famous Zantians, Dionysios Solomos, who wrote the national anthem of Greece. 

The grandest and tallest statue in the square is the one dedicated to Dionysios Solomos, with verses from the national anthem. Many attractions are found around the square, including St. Nikolaos Church, built in 1561, where St. Dionysios served. The importance of this Church is the fact that it withstood the massive earthquake which hit the Ionian Island in 1953. 

Behind the square we find the Byzantine Museum and the Cultural Centre of Zante, where the Library is located, a gallery and various other exhibitions. It is definitely a place to visit when visiting

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