Friday, January 10, 2014

The Miraculous Icon of the Virgin Mary Thalassomachousa (Sea Fighter)

Vising the beautiful Church of St. Dionysios, I came across a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, placed in the main part of the Church, with an interesting story. This icon was kept in Constantinople. However, during the period of Iconoclasm, in order for the Icon to be preserved, the faithful threw it in the sea. 

Then the miraculous icon stud up and transported itself towards the monastery on the small island of Strofades, South of Zakynthos – in the Ionian Sea. The abbot and the monks received the icon with celebrations and placed it in the Katholikon (the central Church) of the monastery. The name Thalassomachousa was given to this icon, as Tradition dictates to two events. First, because the icon fought with the waves in order to reach the monastery intact. And second, because whenever there were rough seas and the monks could not travel, they would take some olive oil from the lamp in front of the icon and pour some of it in the rough seas. Instantly, the waves would cease. 

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