Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Please Help Jaroslav

Recently I received the following email from Fr. Andrei Petrine, an Anglican priest, member of the AECA. It is crucial that we all help and show our support. Health is a gift! Therefore, let us help Jaroslav maintain the gift of health and of life. 

Dear Friends,
Please help, if you can.
This is the boy who is not even 6 yet, but who has already endured a tremendous amount of pain. His name is Jaroslav and he was born in Ukraine. Already at the maternity house, his birth mother gave him up and he was adopted by a loving and caring family who lived nearby. Jaroslav was very fortunate to gain a wonderful family. Unfortunately in August 2011 a disaster struck the family, as the MRI scan detected a tumour in the 4th ventricle of the brain. This was when the battle for life of the young boy began. To date, the child has undergone 3 operations, completed more than 20 sessions of chemo therapy as well as the multiple courses of radio therapy. The doctors in Ukraine have refused to continue the treatment of little Jaroslav, as they assure having resorted to all the forms of treatment available in Ukraine for a patient with his diagnosis. On top of this, in December 2012 Jaroslav lost his beloved father, whom he misses deeply. At present, the young boy is receiving treatment at Harley Street Hospital and is regularly visited by the members of my church. The money for earlier treatment were raised from charitable donations (the amount total of £125 000). Jaroslav has been in London for a little less than 3 months now and his condition has significantly improved, as the metastases have disappeared and the boy’s head is now all clear.
Therefore, the doctors have advised Jaroslav’s mother that in order to ensure the boy’s future well-being, it would be desirable to conduct the bone marrow transplant. This procedure will consist of two stages and is extremely costly - the chance of life comes at a great price! For the first stage of the operation £ 100 927 are needed. If anyone should wish to help this boy, please transfer the money to the following PayPal account: LMASLYUK@yahoo.com (this is the most convenient method for the boy to receive the much needed sum of money, as the other bank accounts are based in Ukraine and Russia).
There is a lot of information available about Jaroslav online (e.g., on Facebook).
Finally, please don’t think that £5 -10 will not make any difference, as previous experience shows, it is from these smaller donations that eventually the necessary amount is raised. There are much fewer wealthy benefactors than there are kind-hearted people, who help with whatever they can.
With love and prayers
In Christ
The Rev’d Andrei Petrine

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