Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Church

“The existence of the Church can be compared to nothing else upon earth, for no earth there is no unity, but only separation. Only in heaven is there anything like it. The Church is a perfect, a new, a peculiar, a unique existence upon earth, a unicum, which cannot be closely defined by any conception taken from the life of the world.

The Church is the likeness of the existence of the Holy Trinity, a likeness in which many become one. Why is it that this existence, just as the existence of the Holy Trinity, is new for the old man and unfathomable for him? Because personality in its carnal consciousness is a self-imprisoned existence, radically contrasted with every other personality”[1]. “Thus the Christian must in the measure of his spiritual development set himself free, making a direct contrast between the ‘ego’ and the ‘non-ego’ he must radically modify the fundamental qualities o human self-consciousness”[2].

[1] Archbishop Anthony (Khrapovitsky), The Moral Idea of the Dogma of the Church, Works, Vol. II, (St. Petersburg, 1911), pp. 17-18
[2] Ibid., The Moral Idea of the Dogma of the Holy Trinity, p. 65

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