Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Holy Monastery of Leimonos, Lesvos

The Holy Monastery of Leimonos is one of the most important monasteries in Greece, renowned for its precious relics that it exhibits and for its historical significance. Many have correlated it as a miniature of Mount Athos, the holiest place of Greece.

The Monastery was built in 1523 by the Bishop of Methymna Ignatius. Here are thousands of volumes of books and manuscripts which hold a great spiritual value, whilst many of them are quite rare. It is the largest monastery on the island of Lesvos. Since its foundation it was a centre of asceticism and worship. 

Here we find the Church of St Ignatius, who first built this monastery, whilst visitors are also permitted to enter his bedroom. A unique feature of this monastery is the fact that the monks here are building small chapels all around the main monastery. The objective is to be able to celebrate the Divine Liturgy once a year in the surrounding chapels. Therefore, the goal for now is to build 365 chapels. Currently there exist hundreds of chapels, of various sizes, architectural styles and iconographic beauties. 

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