Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

The Orthodox Church celebrates today the new ecclesiastical year, maintaining the celebration from the Byzantine epoch. This allows us to understand the distinction between Old and New Year. The Old year can be considered the BC era – the time of decay and death, the time of uncertainty. However the old period is leaving us as does the night, allowing for the day to prevail. Jesus allows us to enter the new day, the new epoch of salvation. The Church understands that the old have passed, whilst everything now is new, imbued by the light of the Risen Christ. With Christ, we understand time to have a new understanding. We live in the eternal present. That is why the ecclesiastical hymns talk about ‘Today’. When the Church celebrates an occasion it is like it is present to the event, which it commemorates. This eternal present is what all Christians will truly live when they enter the Kingdom of God!

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