Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Egyptian (Spice) Bazaar, Istanbul

Istanbul’s Egyptian (Spice) Bazaar, near the Galata Bridge is filled with the fragrance of the exotic East. Spices, dried fruits, cheeses, sausages, jams, nuts, seeds, Turkish Delights and other edibles fill most of the shops, though jewellery and other high-margin goods have begun to move in. It came to be known as the Egyptian Bazaar due to the fact that the majority of the products, especially the spices, used to be imported from Egypt.

The construction of the Spice Bazaar began in 1597 by order of Safiye Sultan, the wife of the Ottoman Sultan Murat the III and the mother of the Sultan Mehmet the III. 67 years later, it was completed by order of Hatice Turhan Sultan, the mosther of Sultan Mehmet the IV by the famous architect Mustafa Agha, as part of the Yeni Camii Complex. In its heyday, the bazaar was the last stop for the camel caravans that travelled the Silk Routes from China, India and Persia. 

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