Monday, November 23, 2015

No time to lose

Our world, our current era, is known for its quick changes. We buy a phone and soon it is old, out of date. The same applies with anything we buy, a car, a laptop, our clothes etc. Living in a city, the changes and the business of people is evident all around us. It seems that we don’t have time for anything, for hobbies, for things we want to talk about, to contemplate, to pray . . .

Most of the time it is evident that people around us are so busy, there is no time for Church, in order to receive spiritual food, as the Church proclaims. Watching a documentary I heard that Christians have no time to do their cross anymore. . . A funny, but also disturbing, idea. Could this be the case today? Time is precious for all of us. When we give someone our time, we inevitably give a part of us, because we will never have this time back again. Giving some of our time to God and His Church, we give time to us, in order for us to contemplate, pray, be in communion with others and with God. We might not have time to lose…but let us not lose more time away from the Church and its life, because through Her we are be able to reach our objective in life . . . theosis, salvation.

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