Saturday, November 7, 2015

St Michael Church, Keslik Monastery, Cappadocia

St Michael Church is one of two Churches in Keslik Monastery, Cappadocia. The other church is St Staphanos. Both these churches follow a very different iconographic trend. St Michael’s has more icons, featuring the life of Jesus Christ. However, the darkness of the Church and the deteriorating status of the icons, make it difficult to distinguish them in some cases.

Another unfortunate reality is the fact that many have written on the icons, carving names and shapes, destroying thus the interior of the church and the uniqueness of these icons. Another reality, evident here and in many other churches around modern day Turkey, is the fact that the saints’ eyes have been carved off, trying therefore to blind the saints, who, due to the artistic style of the Byzantines, could ‘look around’ and create an illusion of following the person who was staring at them.  

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