Friday, June 10, 2016

Saying No to God

In the Book of Genesis we learn how Adam and Eve achieved to leave paradise, stop being in communion with God, introducing pain and death into our existence. Mankind has always been able to neglect the love of God, refusing to believe in Him. Even when He helped His people, as was the case with the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt, they preferred to believe in other Gods. Even today many wish to go against God, believing that He does not exist. Yannaras explains this reality, claiming:

‘Man is not only a dynamic manifestation of God’s word or inner principle, but a hyspostasis of the principle of personal distinctiveness and love free from any predetermination. This is why man is capable of either accepting or rejecting the ontological precondition for his existence: he can refuse the freedom of love and personal communion, and say “no” to God and cut himself off from being.’[1]

[1] Yannaras, Christos, The Freedom of Morality, (New York, SVSP, 1996), p.20.

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