Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Mystery of Pentecost

Pentecost, the birth-day of the Church, is one of the most important festivities in the ecclesiastical calendar. This day emphasises the continued love and salvific plan of God for His Creation. Following is a small paragraph on Pentecost, examining how it is as important as Redemption, and how the Holy Spirit plays a crucial role in the deification of us all, written by Vladimir Lossky. He explains:

‘The mystery of Pentecost is as important as that of Redemption. Christ’s redeeming action is an absolute condition of the deifying action of the Holy Ghost. Our Lord himself states it when he says: “I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?” (Luke 12:49). But on the other hand it may be said that the action of the Holy Ghost is in its turn subject to the action of the Son; for it is by receiving the Spirit that the human person may, in total consciousness, be witnesses to the divinity of Christ. The Son became like unto us in his incarnation; we become like unto him in deification, in being partakers off the divine nature through the Holy Spirit who endows with it each human person in particular. The Son’s redeeming action concerns our nature; the deifying action of the Holy Spirit concerns our persons. But the two are inseparable, inconceivable one without the other; each conditions the other; each is present in the other. In the last analysis, they are but one action of the Holy Trinity accomplished by two divine Persons sent into the world by the Father. This double action of the Word and the Comforter has but one end: the union of created being with God.’[1]

[1] V. Lossky, ‘Redemption et Deification’, in A l’image et a la Resseblance de Dieu, Paris, Aubier, 1967, p.107 (in French). 

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