Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Oneness of Christ through the Spirit

‘Through the Spirit, the oneness of Christ, as the unique Saviour, the unique God, becomes also oneness for the Church without suppressing the diversity, the freedom, the personal variety of God’s creation. This is beautifully expressed in the hymnography of Pentecost.

The Spirit bestows all things; it appoints prophets; it consecrates priests; it gives wisdom to the simple; it turned fishermen into theologians; it gathers together the whole assembly of the Church. O Comforter, consubstantial and co-reigning with the Father and the Son, Glory to Thee!
We have seen the true light; we have received the heavenly Spirit; we have found the true faith, worshipping the undivided Trinity, who has saved us!’[1]

[1] Meyendorff, John, Living Tradition, (Crestwood, St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1978), pp. 117-118. 

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