Friday, June 24, 2016

Weird Olympic Games Facts

Each time the Olympics are on, I wonder what weird thing will happen or if a mistake on the part of the organisation will take place. Here we show a small number of weird facts taken from the modern Olympic Games.
During the 2004 Olympic Games, Greece – being a host nation, had to have a team for most, if not all, the sport events, going through without having to qualify. Therefore, Greece had to form a baseball team, a sport not known in the European country. Nevertheless, despite the fact that they did not know much about it, they ended up second to last.

There are no more gold medals. The last time gold medals were given was in 1912. Due to their enormous cost, they were replaced with silver, which are later gold platted.
In 1988, boxer Eduard Paululum was to become the first athlete to represent the Pacific country Vanuatu to the Olympics. However, he was disqualified during the weighing, due to the consumption of an enormous breakfast.

 Due to the Cold War, the USA team did not participate in the 1980 Games in Moscow and later the Soviet team boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles Games.
During the 1952 Games, Josef Barthel from Luxembourg won the 1.500 metre sprint. However, the Olympic Band did not bother to learn the National Anthem of Luxembourg. Therefore, they improvised; they played a triumphed piece, making the whole ceremony an awkward one.

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