Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Doxology to Wisdom

The term and idea of wisdom is evident in many books in the Bible. Solomon’s wisdom is still talked about today. However, all of this wisdom derives and has God as its source. Without God’s wisdom creation would not have happened. What we can and should aspire is to be part of this wisdom, of His wisdom. In the following passage, from the Old Testament Book: Wisdom of Solomon (7:22-8:1) we understand what wisdom is.

Wisdom is both intelligent and holy. Though one of a kind, she appears in many forms and is a spiritual being that moves freely about. Wisdom is clear and pure, spotless and innocent, and she loves goodness. Wisdom is sharp and victorious, 23generous, helpful, dependable, and she never worries. Wisdom is all-powerful; she sees everything and is ever present with those who are intelligent, pure, and truly spiritual. 24Wisdom moves more easily than anything else and is so pure that she is everywhere at once. 25Wisdom is the breath of God's power, the true reflection of the glory of God All-Powerful, and so she cannot be touched by anything impure. 26Wisdom is like a mirror reflecting the eternal light of God's deeds and goodness. 27Though Wisdom is and remains only one being, she can do anything and she renews all things. In each generation she enters the souls of the faithful, making them into prophets and friends of God, 28since God's favourite people are those who live with her. 29Wisdom is more beautiful than the sun and the stars. She is far superior to daylight, 30because it turns to darkness, but she cannot be changed by the power of evil. 1Wisdom rules the universe and keeps it in order. 

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