Friday, July 1, 2016

The Church as a Holy City

The Church is the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit; therefore, it is rooted in both Christology and pneumatology. It is, thus, truly a deified body within creation and not merely another organisation or charity or institution made by man. It is sanctified by God. St Cyril of Alexandria explains:

‘[The Church] is the holy city which has not been sanctified by observing the law – for the law made nothing perfect (Heb. 7:19) – but by becoming conformed to Christ: participating in the divine nature through the communication of the Holy Spirit, who stamped us with His seal in the day of our deliverance when we were washed from every stain and freed from all iniquity.’[1]

[1] ‘In Isaiam V, I, c.52, I’, P.G., lxx, 1144 CD.

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